When you purchase and start to use ANY software you have got to invest time to learn it. The investment is NOT just money!

I have lost count of the amount of times I have got refund requests from people saying that they are sure the software is really good, but they don't understand it or have time to understand it. Then off they go and buy something else and the cycle probably repeats itself and ultimately they will blame the product creators and say that Nothing works!

Lets get this straight, I would bet the real reason is that the purchaser or buyer will not work!

Commando SEO software's are designed to be push button easy, BUT you have to invest time and learn how to use them to get the best out of them, if you are unwilling to do that then you are missing out on some of the most cutting edge strategies in video marketing SEO today.

The softwares are better described as automated strategies.

There are strategies within the strategies too.

You still have to learn them, you still have to give some thought to whats happening when using them and you should NOT expect from any software that you click a button and rankings, traffic and money will flow.


Because simply put the most important factor to making money online is the quality of content, note that I didnt say page 1 factor, I said making money factor.

Here is something I want to share with you that I learned very early when I first started getting into SEO and then later marketing (there is a massive difference between the two!) and that is that by getting in the trenches, and doing stuff, learning from results, being observant, continuing my education that I soon started to REALLY GET IT.

If I was to sum up SEO in one word you might be surprised at the answer.
The word is “awareness”

Sure it’s about relevancy, it’s about quality backlinks, it’s about retaining the attention fo people who consume your content and also its about getting social shares and more too, but ultimately you will not learn a damn thing until and unless you get in the trenches and start doing, no matter how good a strategy is and no matter how much I or anyone else can automate it for you.

If your content is not high quality don’t blame the softwares and other peoples products, take a look at the content and ask yourself, is that really worthy of ranking on page one and getting real shares and bookmarks?..Or are you thinking that because this or any other kick ass software you purchased does magic stuff at the click of a button that you deserve to be there regardless?

Take responsibility for your own content, for checking things related to the strategies to make sure things work at the optimal level and if you want to give up and run off to the next shiny object, I will probably see you again at my next launch when you will likely purchase again from me in the hope that clicking the button will make you rich or bring you a passive or sustainable income.

What I can guarantee you is this.

If you take the time to learn and get in the trenches, watch results, look at the quality of the content your competitors have and test and tweak like I learned to do several years back then two things will happen.

1. You will grow awareness which is the most important factor in SEO In my humble opinion and...

2. You will start to use your knowledge and experience to start creating your own strategies through testing and tweaking and developing strategies that work.

BUT you don’t stop there, I rarely have a strategy that is not constantly evolving.

What you will notice from Commando SEO softwares is that there are many updates to the existing software's as I make them better and constantly improving.

That is the way it should be too. I am sick of new products coming on the market with sales pages that say “better than this and we dont theory” and all they have done by the time you read through is exactly that, just theory!

I mention this as I read a sales page this week that promised it was case studies and real word results and everyone else was bullshitting you and he was the genuine deal and this and that. Let me tell you that guy has no awareness and his product was frankly embarrassing with the lack of experience in his strategies. My guess is that he does not know the YouTube platform very well at all and his lack of knowledge compared to the sales page copy promises was shocking.

A constant evolution of strategies shows that no theory is involved but what is really happening is that this is a product creator who is using awareness, testing and tweaking and improving.

Learn “the why” as well as “the how” is a golden rule.

One thing I used to get real mad at was when people would listen to my videos and tell me to stick to the point and not waffle. One thing that my videos always have is the “why” and if you think thats waffling then get off your high horse, change your attitude and invest yourself into learning, because I try to explain the why for your benefit, I am explaining the why as well as the how. When I get comments like that then I know exactly where these people are in their SEO journey and I know why they are not successful and unlikely to be successful too.

On a final note let’s talk about support.

The new ticket desk has been designed to give you a step-by-step knowledgebase of how to use the softwares.

Please Check That Before Submitting A Ticket!

Previous to having this new system in place I can honestly say that support was the weak link for me as a product creator. Sometimes people can get too popular too quickly and underestimate the support levels needed, sometimes I expect people to know stuff that I take for granted I am guilty of that for sure.

In response to that we have designed a system to provide world class support and that starts with the ticket desk, the step-by-step guide to each and every software and the video tutorials too. I also give out my Skype ID freely if you ever need to contact me one-on-one.

I have brought in a new support team to monitor support 3 times a day and an additional tech support person working directly with my main programmer too.

You can now send bug reports direct to my programmers office and it will be dealt with the same day and if you have general support we are checking it 3 times daily.

My main programmer has moved to a new city so that we can make progress faster and I have helped in employing additional staff so that we can produce faster and we are still planning to add more programmers to the team, and always on the lookout for suitable people.

Now the Skype ID is not an invitation to get free one-on-one consultations about strategies. I have other customers waiting for updates, new training and more too and it’s unfair on them if I spend too much time with someone and don’t get my own work done to provide what they have paid for.

Sure if there is a genuine support issue it should be brought to my attention by skype if the ticket desk isn’t providing the support needed.

So be mindful of that, and if you need to connect with me personally then Skype is the best pace to do so and my Skype ID is: tony-osrec

Regular updates will appear in the memberships of my products and also I will notify of any updates by email too. If you unsubscribe then I cannot get those update notifications to you.
If you have taken advantage of any of my free tools and softwares these will work as long as you stay subscribed, if you unsubscribe you will automatically lose access.

All I ask in return for the free softwares is your email address, it’s a simple transaction and if I am offering a software that costs between $1200 to $1500 for me to have created, in exchange for your email then I have every right to inform you that this transaction will stay in place as long as you keep your side of the deal.

I do not mail out every day, and I only promote what I would buy myself and I think is great value. Thats not spamming and its adding value, I am well known for only recommending quality products.

Additional training may be provided too, I am well known for providing a lot of free content but this may be changing as I feel that free isn’t always valued. I rarely do courses on their own, they will normally come with a software or as an addition to a software if I charge for them at all...until now.

If I choose to sell courses and info products on their own, then it is being done to remove the seemingly negative value given to “free content”.

All support questions should be submitted as a request through this support site and failing getting a resolution there, then by all means connect with me on Skype and I will give you direct support.


Tony Hayes


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