VSA: What is the difference between "Video Synd Alpha" Tab compared to "Web 2.0 Embeds" tab? They appear to perform the exact same function.

Video Synd Alpha was created to upload your videos to video sharing sites. The software will spin the Titles, the description and the keywords so that each video uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo for instance will be unique to Google. It changes the video size with each upload as well, ensuring that no duplicate content flags are raised.

You can create 50 channels in your YouTube account and VSA can upload a unique video to each channel and link them all together, creating a hugely powerful channel.

 Network Embeds on the other hand will take a video URL that has already been uploaded to a video site like YouTube and embed that video across multiple video sharing sites that are 100% owned by us.  You may create as many accounts at these sites as you choose to and the VSA Network Embed software will add these to all of the accounts created, interlinking them if you wish. Your money video or website will thus benefit from the extremely powerful backlinks form this private video network.


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