How to submit a refund request.

Please read these instructions carefully, the information we provide here is intended to make it easier for you to request a refund, if you are not 100% happy with a product or service.

The following information is required by us, if you wish to request a refund:

  1. Your Zaxaa or JVZoo purchase receipt which should include your Unique Transaction I.D. from that platforms products.
  2. Date of purchase.
  3. Email address associated with purchase.
  4. PayPal receipt with your Unique PayPal I.D.
  5. Reasons for refund.

We would be grateful if you could supply us with a detailed reason for your refund request. It would also help us in the future if you are able to offer any useful suggestions as to how we may have helped you to resolve any issues you have encountered with the product, which may have prompted this request.

Please note, that our company policy states that we can only offer a refund within 30 days of purchase. We do however, reserve the right to make a single exception to this rule in the event that there is a prior ticket history of an unresolved problem. We cannot promise that a refund will be awarded however, but we will review the individual circumstances as outlined in the ticket.


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